Music of the Smoky Rainbow

by Roy Mattson

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Lost Tribe Sound
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Lost Tribe Sound Solid album of lush rain forest heavy rhythms from Mattson. Well recorded and composed, the percussion is mixed in such a way that it seems to cradled the noggin as moss coated nuggets of wooden objects tap dance on your brain. Love that Mattson kept the atmospherics to a minimum and let the percussion become the main focus. Reminds me of the lighter side of Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, D.K, or even a horn-less Jon Hassell.
Richard Gürtler
Richard Gürtler thumbnail
Richard Gürtler Sonic curandero exquisitely amalgamates mesmerizingly primordial rhythms with breathtakingly immersing vistas and tranquilly embracing euphonies...
Frank "Hawk" Owen
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Frank "Hawk" Owen There is a faint line where music crosses over into ritual; where rhythm, initially, destabilizes the usual parameters of mind (so often firmly-affixed to ordinary reality), relaxes them, and eventually ushers the listener into new dimensions and levels of experience. The album does that. It is a creativity-kindler, a stress-reliever, a dream-conjurer. This music is medicine. Ride the Smoky Rainbow. Favorite track: Rainbow Smoke.
Plant Dance 09:02
Cicada 07:17


A combination of rhythms, atmospheres, and melody. Instrumentation; various hand percussion and flutes/ocarinas, synthesizers, guitar, loops, and voice.


released July 31, 2019

Cover art: Ralph Prata, "The Enchanter", carved concrete. A special thank you to Ralph Prata for permission to use his artwork. The image and the music fit perfectly.

Track 6 Cicada title inspired by Frank LaRue Owen's poem, "Apprenticing to the Stream".


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Roy Mattson Monterey, California

Sound creations of spaces and places, the whole and of traces.

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